LisboaPark is a service developed and managed by Auto Sagres Lda, a company based at Rua José Estêvão, 24 C, 1150-203-Lisboa.

The LisboaPark consists of a low-cost parking service for the users of Lisbon International airport.

Car collection/delivery services and passenger and baggage transport (Valet Parking) between LisboaPark car park and the Lisbon International Airport are both included on the service and working 24horas a day, 7 days/week.

The LisboaPark service is purchased on a prior reservation, preferably with 24 hours in advance. The booking may be made by filling out the online form on the website ( or, through the following telephone contacts: 91 348 06 22, 91 720 03 40, 21 814 28 11 (between 8am and 10pm) or 92 758 54 56 (between 10pm and 8am). LisboaPark will send a confirmation email or, alternatively, a confirmation SMS may be sent to the indicated mobile number.

Our staff is identified with a red coat or polo with the inscription “LisboaPark”. At the airport, LisboaPark’s the costumer will receive a voucher that attests the delivery of the vehicle for the required period. In the parking, it will always be our staff to park the car and the key will always be, without any exception, left with LisboaPark.

The act of the reservation implies the prior knowledge of the terms and conditions of this service.


The cancellation of a reservation must be made by e-mail or by telephone with the preferential advance of 24 hours in relation to the delivery time of the vehicle.


LisboaPark Responsibilities:


The LisboaPark is responsible for:


  • Damages marked by our responsibility during the period of stay in our service;
  • Delays in the delivery/pickup of the vehicle, exceeding 20 minutes caused by our staff


LisboaPark is not responsible for:


  • TheLisboaParkis not responsible forobjectsleftin the vehicle; finesdue to the absenceof documentinvalidinsurance,;mechanical damage; glass breakageorflat tires.
  • Delays in the delivery/pickup of the vehicle resulting from traffic/accidents
  • Delays in the delivery/pickup of the vehicle resulting from the anticipation or delay (higher than 20minutes) by the customer, in relation to the time of booking
  • Errors in filling the reservation form caused by the user;
  • Fines due to absence of documents, invalid insurance, missing inspection, etc.
  • Mechanical damage or glass breakage
  • Holes or bursting of tires during the way to the parking and return of the car. We may assist in the changing of the tire, or contact for travel assistance